Direct, advise & lead your clients as a brand strategy consultant.​


Become an indispensable business asset to your clients by educating and guiding them to complete clarity and strategic direction quickly.

$2479  $1497


Includes Lifetime Updates

Why You? Why Now?

Your clients are under pressure, the market is demanding they infuse purpose across their organizations, through their words, actions, products, services and ways of doing business, inside and out.


But they can't create a purpose-driven brand on their own.


Game-changing strategies are born of creative thinking. And, even if they did have an amazing creative department in-house, you can't read the label from inside the bottle!


Quite frankly, they can't do it without you.

Your Clients Don't Need Creative Projects To Grow. They Need To Grow With Purpose.

The truth is, today's consumers are attracted to brands that reflect their values first, and solve their problem second.


That means that, not only should your client's product development be founded in living their brand's purpose, but their brand itself needs to adopt a real purpose-led approach.


To achieve this, your clients don't need creative projects, they need a strategic partner who can lead them to define and develop a purpose-led brand.

There's More To A Winning Brand Strategy Than Building A Brand.

Typically, your clients will need help in one of three business cycles:

  • Early Stage / Development, 
  • Launching / Repositioning, 
  • Growth / Expansion.

For each step, you need to have strategy-based processes you can deploy to help them move to the next stage.


Do that, and you'll be a valued partner for the life of your clients' businesses.


And, whenever your strategic processes generate a need for creative work, you'll have your choice of as much or as little as you like.


At premium fees, on your schedule, under your rules.


Add The Sprint Master's Toolkit to your creative business and get all the sprints to sell and run strategy Sprints right across your client’s business lifecycle.


Bundle all five Sprints (+ bonuses) for a limited time and save!


What's Included?


Lead Your Client Through An Entire Brand Development Sprint, From The Comfort Of Your Laptop.

Enhance your skills, solve more valuable problems, bring more profitable revenue into your creative firm, engage with higher-level clients, and be more valued for your work. 

The Brand Sprint Blueprint is our flagship program.


This is the Sprint that has been responsible for the majority of our revenue since we began offering brand strategy.


And one of the most exciting things about this Sprint is that we’ve developed it to be run over either 3 full-days of 6.5 hours each with your client's team or you can run it over six separate sessions of three hours each.


We include BOTH versions in the Brand Sprint Blueprint so, you’ll have the choice of whichever way you want to run it to suit your own style and needs. 


So, you’ll cover Reputation Alignment, Humanizing the Brand, Audience and Competitive Research, Audience and Brand Positioning, the Brand Compass, which is the Purpose, Mission, Vision, & Values, Brand Personality, Tone, Elements of Value, Archetypes, Messaging Research & Brand Assets, X-Factor and Differentiation, and more.


When we launched this program in our professional services firm, it was based on the Minimum Viable Brand model but it has evolved into the most complete, Sprint-based branding program available anywhere.


And, the reason we built this is that traditional branding projects take months. They do all sorts of demographic and competitive research, trademark searches, and endless hours of ideation, iteration, and production... most of which is designed to add billable hours and, we found that the biggest challenge to selling branding was that experience, not the lack of understanding of branding itself.


So, we fixed it.


Taking every job that comes along will only leave you stretched thin and running from one fire to the next.

Begin with developing your own unique & valuable niche.


Then, add a new profit center to your business helping your clients define their audiences & develop their niches in an online Sprint workshop format.

The Niche Sprint Kit is a rapid client Sprint designed to help them completely design their audience definition. 


This is the Sprint we run with every new client. We treat this like our Discovery session, except it’s paid and it gets everyone on the same foundation for all our future work together.


So, this is dedicated to finding the clients’ ideal customers, defining which products or services they should be promoting to that customer first, for maximum profits and efficiency, uncovering a unique Niche definition, and developing the Problem, Agitation, & Solution vocabulary for the brand to the audience.


Now, just on this note, you’ll notice two of your Sprints are actually called Kits.


The Niche Sprint Kit and the Messaging Sprint Kit.


A kit is essentially a two-in-one. It’s the process to offer the solution to your clients in an online Sprint workshop format, but each Kit also has a module dedicated to solving the problem for your own business.


So, you also get step-by-step instructions, templates, and video training to work through the problem for your own business.


The entire process for running the Sprint with clients is also included, of course, which includes the brandable reports, online collaboration canvas’ and keynotes with complete, word-for-word scripts, timers, and instructions for running the Sprint with your clients.


So, in the Kits, you not only add a high-value product centre and sellable Sprint to your creative arsenal. You also learn how to improve your own business at the same time.


Trying to come up with the right words when you don't know the recipient is an exercise in futility. 

First, you'll uncover your own audience's true needs, wants, and desires through a series of data-driven research techniques and develop high-impact messaging for your own brand.


Then, you'll deploy the same exercises in a Sprint format for your clients to help them move to a more efficient, targeted messaging system that converts.

The Messaging Sprint Kit is going to be one of your most popular Sprints, and one of the most fun to run. 


You’ll translate your clients’ audience's needs, wants and desires using their own words, and deploy them back to them in messaging materials to develop empathy and build trust.


You’ll develop a map of the desired transformation that the audience is seeking, from all four required perspectives, you’ll produce the brand’s origin story, with a particular emphasis on the trends that power the brand, and you’ll develop the value proposition and onliness statement. 


You'll develop the Messaging Assets that you’ll transfer to the client after the Sprint, along with the detailed process on how to create their sales messaging using copy frameworks and your market messaging research.


It literally becomes fill-in-the-blanks to build their messaging.


And, when you tell the client what they’re getting,

  • Their Origin Story,
  • Their Value Proposition,
  • Their Elevator Pitch,
  • Their Onliness Statement,
  • Their Pitch Deck and
  • Their Sales Letter…

…this becomes the easiest Sprint to sell, too.


But, the most powerful element of the Sprint is the Category Narrative. This includes:

  • The existing Big Relevant Change in the world / market that's already affecting the client's audience.
  • The definition of the Old Game (losing) and the New Game (winning) that the client's audience needs to choose between (there is no third choice).
  • The Promised Land that the client's audience wants to achieve — and, preferably, that is only achievable due to the client's product or service.
  • The Category Name that allows the client to create and own their own category. You can't compete with the brand that created the category! (Depending on the client, this is not always possible, but we perform the work during the Sprint to see if we can create it at the time).

There are two reasons the Category Narrative is so important:

  • It controls all future messaging. Any messaging the client wants to develop in the future (or wants to hire you to develop) is controlled by this Category Narrative. It's the power behind the entire system.
  • Fundamentally, messaging is about creating urgency in our prospect’s mind to change. The Category Narrative abolishes the "do nothing / keep doing what we're doing" option by presenting the Status Quo as a pathway to failure. Once the audience is presented with the urgency to change and has any other choice abolished, their best (only) option is to make the change to play the New Game, which, of course, is achieved by using our brand, or our client's brand.

And, finally, when the Category Narrative is correctly developed, there's no end to how you can deploy these assets into different messaging projects.


For example, at the end of the first section of the training, after I've shown you how to develop your own brand messaging, I show you how to re-deploy your Pitch Deck as a Capabilities Deck as well as how to use it to create Home Page messaging that's completely focused on driving the urgency for the prospect to change. 


This Sprint is designed to be daisy chained after a Brand Sprint to solve Messaging problems which, let’s face it, are some of the problems you’ll see the most often.


And, of course, this is a Kit, so you get the training to create your own brand messaging first!


This Sprint is available right now.

One of the biggest risks your client takes when launching a new product is launching the wrong thing.

Your clients need your perspective to help them uncover what their audience really values.


The Product Validation Sprint is a streamlined process that you will run with your client's team to identify and prioritize the most valuable opportunities for your client's growth and expansion requirements.

Next in line is The Product Sprint Blueprint.


This is the Sprint you run when a client is trying to get into new areas of the market or wants to launch new services or products.


This Sprint takes a dive into the client’s market, uncovers the audience’s level and frequency of product-related pain and then matches that up against the client’s available capabilities.


You’ll look at your client’s existing capabilities as well as potential capabilities through the lens of the time and resources required to develop them, and you’ll decide together which product or service best meets the needs of the market while also fitting with the client’s abilities and existing brand and infrastructure.


The resulting prioritized launch plan provides the roadmap to what to do and how to get to the right product in the most efficient manner.


This is the strategic development that’s missing from a Design Sprint and we developed this Sprint with the option of rolling directly into a Design Sprint style testing and prototype phase immediately after.


If you’ve ever failed at Design Sprints or if you want to offer Design Sprints but you want to be uniquely valuable and you know you need to do some independent research and priority development first, this Sprint is your answer.

Brand or Product. Its name deserves more than a gut feeling.

Developing a name needs to be founded on strategy. But, done right, the right name can be one of the more persuasive elements for providing a unique experience for your clients' customers. 


Without the brand, the name is meaningless.

And, the last item in our build cycle is the Naming Sprint Blueprint.


I think this one’s pretty obvious but the execution opportunities are actually pretty frequent when you’re working with a growth client. 


Obviously, the natural progression of Brand Sprint into Naming Sprint is logical but, there’s also the Product Validation Sprint that leads directly into a Naming Sprint, sometimes with a Design Sprint or a prototype in between and sometimes directly.


In some cases, you’ll even have multiple opportunities to run this Sprint with the same client. First with the brand, then with new or rebranded products or services over time.


So, it feels obvious but it’s not simple. In fact, I argue that this Sprint can feel more complex than even the Brand Sprint because it relies a lot less on the client’s team and a lot more on your creativity.


This is also, in my humble opinion, one of the more enjoyable projects to work on. You already know, as creative professionals, that there’s a little bit of your soul in everything you produce.


And, this one feels personal. Every time.


If You're A Creative Professional Who Wants To Leave The Project Life Behind And Become A Strategy Consultant. This Is For You.

  • If you've avoided strategic work because you don't have the process, time, or budget to run client workshops in-person...

  • If you’re still not making the money you want in your business…

  • If your agency isn’t providing you with the freedom and revenue you dreamed of…  

  • If you're tired of negotiating costs, being paid hourly, and client nit-picking...

  • If your services aren't bringing you profit…

  • Even if you’re doing well, but know there’s more…

The Sprint Master's Toolkit course & community is here to help you step up to a higher-value business model.

$2479   $1497

Includes Lifetime Access & Updates


The Sprint Master's Toolkit 

Add The Sprint Master's Toolkit to your creative business and get all the sprints to sell and run strategy Sprints right across your client’s business lifecycle.


Get in now before they're released to the public, bundle all five Sprints and save!

  • The Brand Sprint Blueprint ($797)

    * Available Now

  • The Niche Sprint Kit ($197)

    * Available Now

  • The Messaging Sprint Kit ($597)

    *Available Now

Yes, that's a lot of battle-tested processes, instructions, and strategies.


And it’s stuff that nobody else can share with you because nobody else is doing it. 


But it get's better: Here are two more great reasons why today is the best time for you to grab your spot in The Sprint Master's Toolkit.


Even though you'll have an entire strategy department ready to deploy, you’re still going to need to qualify your clients and make sure the right ones are getting through so you don’t waste time on the tirekickers.


That's why I'm also including our training on customer qualification and closing that we developed for creative professionals, called The Velvet Rope.


It’s designed so that you can optimize your time, ensure all of your activities impact revenue, & eliminate surprises with unqualified prospects getting access to you.


A strategic customer-qualification process to help you eliminate the tire-kickers and time-waters, and close the right business to elevate your creative practice.


  • Discover your ideal future

  • Identify the right prospect

  • Qualify out the rest

  • Close the business you want

  • Lifetime Access


But I'm Not Stopping There.

I Want To Make Sure You've Got All The Tools You Need To Run Every Sprint - With No Additional Cost To You.

Here are another three great reasons why today is the best time for you to grab your spot in The Sprint Master's Toolkit.

  • Digital Whiteboard Collaboration Software

    I’ll help get you set up with free account with our preferred digital whiteboard software including 10 team member seats and 25 guest seats. 


    At the beginning of The Brand Sprint Blueprint, you'll import all three days of the Blueprint templates, canvases and whiteboards so, you're ready to go immediately.


    You can simply make copies of the templates before each Sprint, edit the canvas headers with placement for your branding & your clients' branding, and follow along during the training.


    You can even take the opportunity to work on your own brand during the coaching so you can see it play out in real time.

  • Online Community

    I'm a big proponent of coaching. In fact, I've consistently had at least one coach or mentor in my corner since late 2014. And often more than one.




    Because nobody does their best work in a vacuum. To thrive, you need access to other sprint masters, and brand strategy consultants like you.


    That’s why when you join us inside The Brand Sprint Blueprint, you’ll get the opportunity to become a member of our Brand Sprint Academy Facebook community.


    This is where you’ll get access to me for advice and feedback, connect with the other students, find an accountability partner, form business alliances, and share your wins.

  • Lifetime Access

    Running Brand Sprints is something that becomes easier the more you do it. Because the process is the same, but your insights will grow. Every time.


    That said, even after you've run Brand Sprints a few times, we know you'll want to return to the training and look for any nuggets or tricks you missed the first time.


    That’s why, when you join The Brand Sprint Blueprint, you’ll receive lifetime access to the course, including any future updates, so you can keep referring back to them again and again.



You must be absolutely convinced that The Sprint Master's Toolkit will help you become a highly-valuable strategic partner to your clients across their entire business lifecycle, or just let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund your entire purchase price.


Considering all you get, this price is chicken feed. Swarms of kids pay more than that every week towards a degree in philosophy! Just one Sprint can return you more than ten times your investment.


You do the math.

Bruce White

Founder, Brand Sprint Academy

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