How To Write An Elevator Pitch.

If you can't describe your value in one sentence, you don't understand it yet.


One of the most important assets we can give to a client as creatives is clarity.


In fact, in your capacity as a creative professional, if you work as a strategic consultant to your clients you're going to find that an awful lot of the branding, marketing, business, niche, and messaging problems your clients need help solving, can be attributed to a distinct lack of clarity.


Before you can start offering clarity through strategy to your clients, you gotta get clear on your own value. 


And the best way to test your understanding, is to write your elevator pitch.

Your elevator pitch needs to represent your entire brand, crammed into a tiny container.

Sounds impossible, right?


It's not. But, it is going to require a solid knowledge and understanding of the value you offer to your market, the channels you offer that value through, and the exact market you're offering it to.


That's one reason we left this one until Part 3 of our Positioning Statement series (find Part 1 here and Part 2 here).


But, if you have worked through the Standard Positioning and the Onliness Statement, this one will feel like a breeze! 


The formula to develop your Elevator Pitch looks like this:

[Product/Service] is a [general, relatable tool/service]  ***don’t use jargon or fancy terminology here*** that allows [adjectives + target user] ***use two adjectives at most*** to [value proposition].

How does it look in the wild?

Here’s a couple of examples:


GoPro is a waterproof action camera that allows athletes and action seekers to capture and document their adventures.


Here’s an example for our imaginary self-storage facility targeted at women in transition. 


[Mini Storage] is a [modern self storage facility] that allows [busy women who are in transition] to [safely protect their keepsakes].


Again, if I’m the target customer for that storage facility, they’ve just spoken to who I am and what I need.


Ok, so that’s the Elevator Pitch.


Don’t underestimate the importance of this one based on its simple structure. 


You'll need to have a firm grasp on their value proposition, target user etc.


That’s it for the Elevator Pitch, I hope that’s been clear and helpful.


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