Become a Brand Sprint Master.

Enhance your skills, solve more valuable problems, bring more profitable revenue into your creative firm, engage with higher-level clients, and be more valued for your work. 

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Is This The Right Place, Right Time?


You know those people who always seem to get in on the ground floor of the big opportunities? And, you're left wondering, "why don't I ever hear about these until too late?"


This is one of those opportunities, and you're not too late ...yet.


I'll tell you about the timing in just a second but, before I do, I want to tell you about what this is, and why it's going to be a game changer for your creative agency.

Finally, there's a profitable way to productize a creative service business... without sacrificing the creative.

Is It Time To Stop Being Treated Like An Employee By Your Creative Business?

Have you reached a plateau and you're finding it impossible to get to the next level with your creative agency?


Maybe you’ve been at this a while and don't have the success you want… or maybe you’re doing well but feel like you’ve only just begun to tap the true potential you and your agency have.


What if I told you there was a service you could add to your creative agency that virtually ensures you will be the go-to creative choice for every client you work with?


What if this process could also give you the power to attract substantially higher-value clients?


What if you could deploy this service in under a week… with no additional staff, inventory, or other expenses required?


And what if this service literally made you five times the average project fees (or more), before you even begin the creative.


If you’re still not making the money you want in your business… if your agency isn’t providing you with the freedom and revenue you dreamed of…  if your creative services aren't bringing you profit


Even if you’re doing well, but just know there’s more…


The Brand Sprint Blueprint solves all these problems for you.

This Proven SYSTEM Answers Every Brand Sprint Question You Could Ever Have

This is not just a course, and not just a coaching program – it’s a ​​​​​​​step-by-step system for delivering high-value Brand Sprints.


The Brand Sprint Blueprint is right for you if…

  • You are an agency, small creative studio, or creative freelancer and want to add a high-value productized service (without trying to force your creative services into a cookie-cutter, formulaic deliverable).

  • You’re a perfectionist who keeps working until the project’s right but struggles with charging for every minute spent and you want to increase your revenue without compromising your craft.

  • You want to break away from the traditional, full-service (generic) agency model and fire those clients who treat ideas and creative executions like widgets that can be made more cheaply elsewhere.

  • You’re a freelance creative who wants to bring in a step-by-step brand sprint process that can be rapidly launched (like building a SaaS but without the heavy investment and risk) so you can attract higher-paying clients by the dozen.

  • You’re a big agency creative professional who is launching on your own – and you don’t want to smear your good reputation with cheap, nickel and dime projects.

  • You are a professional or work in a highly-regulated industry, and find other ‘branding’ courses promote only superficial exercises to get more design work. (We’ll help you deliver real value, keep your license safe, and show you how to stay classy!)

  • You want to tap the difference-making power of becoming a valued partner to your clients, but don’t want to find yourself stuck in a management consulting role.

  • You want to train your staff in the secrets of proven brand sprint facilitation that gets real results.

  • You plan to create an in-house branding team, and want to know the “inner secrets” of the craft – so you can know for sure if you’re getting the real deal (and avoid getting ripped off!).

And in just a minute, I’m going to explain how you can claim your place in the early bird group, while they last.


I say “while they last” because we're only making a very limited number of seats available.


Think of it like a early bird beta group.


We want to work with a small group of motivated creatives to ensure this course becomes the industry standard for brand sprints.


But we've already enlisted the help of some colleagues and we don't want this to be a large group so, once we have reached our early bird numbers, we will close down registration.

Increase Creative Service Revenue…
Without Selling Your Soul​

Let’s Face The Facts.


You know the key to growth is not just getting more clients, it's increasing your per-client-value.


Fail at that and you're not even going to stay in business, let alone grow.


You know that generating more profit from your creative business will require streamlining. You probably know that better clients mean higher revenue, less stress, and much better results ...for them, and for you.


But there’s a problem.


The problem is that creativity has been chronically devalued by sites like Fiverr and UpWork college kids working for beer money ...and even by your neighbor's twelve-year-old playing with Photoshop in his basement between games of Fortnite!


We’ve all seen the cheap design sites promising "original" work and selling the same templated crap over and over.


The result is that both agencies and clients are treating the best and most strategic thing about their relationship, the creative, like a commodity.


So, even though you produce truly amazing creative, you feel like your marketplace believes that ideas and creative executions can always be made more cheaply elsewhere — just another commodity — and you're stuck competing against the lowest-price-wins crowd. 


Maybe you feel like this is the new normal. Maybe you're worried that haggling fees, being paid hourly, and client nit-picking are just realities of the industry.


And, you'd be right... if you remain just another creative firm!


I know. We used to be one.

Order Taker Or Strategic Partner

Which culture will you choose for your agency?


The commodity agency model may have been profitable at one time, but its effectiveness is diminishing rapidly, and the days of differentiating based on quality of work or customer service are well behind us.


Relationship loyalty is a thing of the past and most clients now are loyal to price.


That is, unless you can help your clients achieve their goals, and develop loyalty based on value. The more valuable your services, the more you help your clients succeed in business and in life, the more loyal they'll be, regardless of your price.


To evolve from order-taker to strategic-partner, you need to be able to not just respond to your clients requests, but advise and, in some cases, direct them.


And, before you file that away as an impossible pipe-dream, stick with me. Consider this…

Do More Creative, Expect Different Results Or...?

Most creative agencies have tried to productize their services at one time or another so they can sell more. And those who haven't, have thought about it seriously. 


We've all heard the value of a productized service, we've read the benefits and we'd be ecstatic if our agency revenue was predictable enough to deliver services like clockwork.


But here’s the reality.


Research shows that clients consider agencies to be replaceable commodities when their service offering is focused on price, standardized components and preset specifications.


In short, when you productize your creative services, you create an easy-to-copy product, and end up looking like just another commodity, which sends you straight back to the "lowest-price-wins" game.​​​​​​​


And it gets worse...


Productizing creative services removes the "creative" part of the project altogether and creates a cookie-cutter product that no-one, least of all you or your team can enjoy or be proud of. 


All creatives want to create amazing work, but trying to make something exceptional from a boilerplate brief will just result in a formulaic project.


But, the final straw is when projects don't fit neatly into your productized service, so your team either stalls or just decides to do it the old way.


Then budgets get blown and scope creep happens.


And you end up stretched thin running from one fire to the next, wondering why you worked so hard to create the productized service in the first place.


So, you give up on the idea of streamlining your agency and, instead, accept that you have to treat every project as custom to the client, creating a new proposal for each one and reinventing the wheel at every turn.


It’s a vicious cycle.


So what's the solution?


If you can't productize the creative because of the need to solve the clients' real business problems.


And, if you can't just do custom creative work because the return in a commoditized market is too low to be sustainable.


And, if you need to become a strategic partner, and an expert in your client’s brand.


How do you do all of that?

Provide Real, Out-Of-The-Ordinary, Exceptional Value​

You become one of the rare agencies who provide real, out-of-the-ordinary, exceptional value to your clients by becoming a strategic business partner instead of an order-taker.


You can decide on a path to reliable, repeatable income and get away from hourly rates and constantly chasing the next project, without giving up the ability to produce truly amazing creative.


And when you do that, ​​​​​​​you can set your rates accordingly, take on only the clients you want to work with, and get off of the “cash flow rollercoaster.”


The good news for you is most agencies don't try to gain this strategic understanding and, those who do, try to get it through the project brief.


The trick is to start before the project.


Here's how:

A Rapid, Simple, Highly-Valuable Service You Or Your Team Can Deliver In Under A Week

To become a strategic partner, you need to first become an expert in your client’s brand, you need to understand everything from the history, size and purpose of the business to the products, pricing and communication channels. 

  • What are the client’s business objectives?
  • How is the target audience defined?
  • What does the competitive landscape look like?
  • And much more...


You're probably thinking, “My clients don't tell me this stuff, most of them don't even know it themselves!


Can you see the opportunity in that statement?


What you need is a system outside of the creative. A time-boxed, structured workshop that you or your people can run to get inside the mind of the client, and become their go-to brand expert.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Something you can deliver rapidly at the beginning of a project to establish your value (and which will increase the fees you can charge for the follow-up creative at the same time).


It sounds almost impossible. But it’s not impossible… you just need to make sure your solution meets these 5 criteria:​​​​​

  • ​​​​​​​Includes step by step, minute by minute instructions for each and every part of the sprint, ensuring you create and run an unbreakable time-box with a specific start and end time.

  • Uses proven systems and techniques. You want these developed by a Brand Strategist who has been in the trenches, has won some victories, and has the battle scars to prove it.

  • Uses the right tech-stack to support and accelerate the process not control it.

  • Has a genuine focus on uncovering the client's real brand to help them succeed (and is not just a cheap trick to get more design work). 

  • Has answers and scripts to cover the typical questions and sticking points your group will experience and comes with all the templates, the software, and the presentations required to actually run it.

Before We Launched This Process, We Doubled Our Agency Revenue Each Year For Three Years In A Row And Still Nearly Quit

When we launched our agency, we dreamed of attracting the best creative talent available, paying them well, building an amazing work environment, and taking months of the year off to travel while the agency ran like a well-oiled machine in our absence.


In reality, we ended up with a staff of middle-of-the-road generalists working at the beck and call of pushy, cheap, know-it-all clients.


And, every one of those clients wanted the boss personally overseeing their projects.


So we attended virtually all client meetings, we were the go-between for all project communication and, without us, the agency ground to a stop within days.


Not surprisingly, we were stretched thin, running from one fire to the next.


And, we very quickly reached a plateau where it was impossible to get to the next level with our agency.


We had trapped ourselves in a job with a hundred bosses instead of one.


Sure, we ran our BMW through the business, we kept the bill whenever we ate out with friends and we were able to take a 5-figure bonus most years on top of our annual salary... 


...which was great, but cash flow was unpredictable and we had to grovel to the bank to extend our credit line on more than one occasion.


Maybe worst of all, although one of the perks of owning your own agency is the ability to rack up a nice stash of travel points on the credit card, what's the point if you can never take that vacation with your family?


It wasn’t supposed to be like that.

How A Terrifying Decision Changed Everything

While our revenue increased year over year, our profits had continued to decline and money was tight. 


So, when we decided to attend a live, 3-day training seminar on branding for designers, it was terrifying.


It was going to cost a lot of money. We had to take time off from work. And, I didn't even identify as a designer (I'm a copywriter).


But our agency was predominantly design-based so, we kept an open mind, worked through the challenges, and we attended that seminar.


And that’s when everything started for us. We saw beyond design as a product and started to understand the value in partnering with our clients to help them achieve their goals.


The seminar itself was valuable but, more importantly our thinking changed that week.


We had discovered the secret to increasing our value to clients. And yes, it was as valued-partners instead of order-takers. But we had no interest in becoming management consultants, so we dedicated ourselves to becoming branding specialists.


And we started reading every book, buying every course, and linking up with every branding expert that we could.


And some were great… but many were not.


What was the difference? Here’s what we found…

The Difference That Moves The Needle

The events and courses we found were mostly developed by designers using "branding" to create more design work for themselves. 


More often than not, these processes were about leading the client to arrive at the answers the designer wanted, rather than helping their clients build a healthy brand


So, as we deployed the tactics we had learned, all the while, we were studying our clients and using that knowledge to improve on the processes.


We took out the fluff designed to feel like branding, and we replaced it with true, foundational work designed solely to get to the reality of a client's world


Instead of the usual arbitrary decisions about brand attributes, we helped our clients uncover their brand's real purpose so they could drive decisions around everything else. 


Instead of filling in a meaningless value proposition template, we helped our clients discover the specific value their market desired, and align it with the real value they offered.


Instead of creating user profiles based on the demographics and characteristics of some imaginary prospect, we helped our clients understand the transformation their prospects were seeking. Not features. Not benefits. Not products. Not services. Transformation.


And, instead of handing off a set of random brand attributes at the end of the job and then begging for the creative work, we taught our clients how to talk about their brand, develop their copy and messaging, and launch their brand properly.


We started doing transformational, “needle moving” work right there, in the room.

But, At What Cost?

Sure, we were getting more (and higher-value) creative work, but, it was taking more work, more planning, and more expenses to visit clients in-person and facilitate workshops.


Fun? Travel opportunities? For a while. But, that gets old. Even working with clients who were willing to cover our travel and per diem costs, we found our lives controlled by our travel schedule.


That wasn't the goal. We wanted our business to support our lifestyle. Not the other way around!


Over the next two years, we refined our workshops into a 3-day remote sprint, delivered entirely online.


We uncovered the optimal timing required to keep a team focused. We tested the software options and tools, we developed the methods the clients responded best to, and refined the exercises and processes to take complete advantage of the remote collaborative model.


And we created a time-boxed, repeatable process that focuses solely on activities that have nothing to do with creating design work for ourselves and, instead focus on actually developing the client's brand as the foundation to their success.


Because, let's be honest, getting more, higher-value creative work should be a happy byproduct of a properly run brand strategy engagement, not the goal.


I know, right? Radical idea.


And this is exactly how we have designed The Brand Sprint Blueprint.

What if you could make $25k on your next project before you even begin the creative?

What if you could do it in less than a week?


When we pivoted away from being just another design agency and started specializing in brand strategy, that's how much we made just off the Brand Sprint portion of our first client.


And, we went on to add another $29k in design and web work over the next five months.


That's fifty-four thousand dollars.


From just one client.


Do you know what the industry average was for a creative project (like a website, or an identity, or marketing package) at the time?


Five grand.


And that's average. Many creatives get stuck doing these projects for way less.


That's right, you can make five times the industry average (or more) off just one client before you even start the creative.


And, by the way, there were — and still are — only two of us.


And, on top of that, the creative you'll do after that Brand Sprint is much more valuable — for the client and for you — because it begins with a defined brief the likes of which you could never develop without a deep understanding of the client's business.


You can even suggest projects and creative work that the client hasn't thought of, because, when you're positioned strategically, clients trust you more!


As soon as we experienced this, we immediately stopped taking on projects unless the client was willing to begin with a Brand Sprint.


In fact, some clients didn't even approach us for creative work, they just needed help defining their brand.


It was like a whole new industry opened up: better clients, higher fees, more value given and received, less time spent, much more fun had... 


...and finally clients who respected the value we could offer.


We have successfully changed the way our clients value creative from a procurement-driven approach, treating it like a commodity, into one where they understand the importance and recognize the results of strategy-driven creative in their projects.


We're changing the perception of the creative industry and restoring the recognition of value that creative rightfully deserves in business.


That's our mission.


And, with that mission, we're launching The Brand Sprint Blueprint.

Let Me Show You How We Do It

Now, I’m going to show you how we run brand sprints; and how you can run them yourself, for your own brand…and for your clients' brands — both online, and in-person.


For most people in the “creative economy,” facilitating brand sprints is the fastest and easiest way to break free from hourly rates and nit-picky clients and start getting paid for the value you provide.


When you choose this path, you will transition from being a creative-for-hire to facilitating brand sprints and specializing as a branding consultant!

Great News: It’s Not That Difficult

Facilitating a brand sprint is a skill that can be learned by just about anybody.


Even if you don’t consider yourself a “strategist.”


Even if you don't like running meetings.


If you've employed any type of design thinking to uncover unique solutions to your clients' problems​​​​​​, you can learn to facilitate brand sprints.


Ever taken an idea from a client's head and made it a reality​​​​?


Uncovered what a client needs instead of what they thought they wanted?


Then chances are you have what it takes to be a brand sprint facilitator.


All you need now is someone to show you the proven formulas, the hidden structures, and the time-tested tactics of brand sprint masters.


And that’s exactly what I’m going to do in this online coaching program.

The Freedom Your Creative Talent Was Always Supposed To Generate

Please understand, this is not some “get rich quick” scheme.


This is a serious business process that can comfortably add six-figures to your annual income every year on its own.


Add this process to your existing creative services and you can easily blow past seven-figures with the right team, some hard work, and determination.


But, if you're like us, it's probably not all about money.


It's about choice. It's about freedom.


You can run your business from anywhere. You can fire up your laptop, send the client a meeting link, and run a brand sprint… wherever you have an internet connection.


And yes, you could even “retire” from your creative firm, and use your brand sprint skills to build your own brand consulting empire – working wherever and whenever you want.


We have run our business from all over Canada and Australia:

  • Working from our home in Vancouver (sometimes at our house and sometimes from Starbucks!) …
  • On the road in hotel rooms (We spend a lot of time at conferences and workshops) …
  • And on vacation with family in Australia, Paris, Nashville, and Vegas…

Our results are not typical – you’ll have your own results. Want to join us in the club of getting results that are “not typical”? Want to know how we manage to get these unusual results?


We owe it all to facilitating brand sprints!


What will you do with your brand sprint skills?

  • Will you finally make your creative business profitable? 
  • Will you run brand sprints as a consultant, and live a life free from offices, meetings, traffic, and memos?
  • Will you take your existing creative services and multiply your profits using the power of brand sprints?

Or will you keep struggling along like the other commoditized creative agencies… who inevitably fail?

Here's What You're Getting In

The Brand Sprint Blueprint

(And Why You Should Join The Early Bird Group)

The Brand Sprint Blueprint is a complete, 100% comprehensive online learning-and-doing system that not only teaches you how to run brand sprints… but also gives you all the tools, templates, scripts, software, and answers so you can get started immediately.


The course is rolled out over seven weeks, and seven modules but, you go at your own pace – as fast or as slow as you want.


The techniques, tools, scripts and templates are yours, and you can use them to build as many brands as you want.


For Your One-Time Investment, You Get LIFETIME ACCESS…

Module #0 - Your Brand Sprint Toolset

There are two specific toolsets you'll need to have in place in order to run profitable Brand Sprints.


First is the software, slide decks, and scripts. We use three different pieces of software in the sprint. In week one, we'll tell you exactly how to get your copies, for free, and how to import the templates you'll use in the sprint.


The second toolset is your business niche, specialization, and messaging. If you’ve ever questioned why you're attracting the kind of clients who don’t value your time, knowledge, or expertise, chances are you have some brand work to do.

We'll walk you through the process to step back from your business and decide who your best prospect is to run Brand Sprints for.

Module #1 - Before The Sprint

Running a successful Brand Sprint starts well before you and your clients log on for Day 1.


You're going to need to get to know your client's competition and market, perform some comparative analysis, and make some educated decisions.


This is how you separate from the, "fill in this questionnaire" pack.


And, it's easier than you think.


We'll show you the exact template for creating competitive research, and what you need to uncover for your client's brand to have an unfair advantage.


This module will show you how to set up your slides, what you need to edit before each Sprint, and how much time you should dedicate to each section.


Because running a profitable Brand Sprint is all about efficiency.


During the Sprint, before the Sprint, and after the Sprint.

Module #2 - Brand Sprint Session 1 & 2

The in-person process starts here. In the first two sessions of the Sprint, you'll lead your client through a series of foundational exercises to develop a true baseline for moving forward.


In a series of simple, scripted exercises, you'll show the team how to interact with the software, introduce concepts and lead the team through the definitions required to enable real change.


From your clients reputation in the market to the place they wish to occupy in the hearts and minds of their audience, you'll uncover the brand's high-level identity.


Then, you'll be introducing the team to their audience, uncovering some insight into who they work best with and why.


Finishing with a detailed look at the characteristics your clients customers need to have in order for your client's brand relaunch to be successful.

Module #3 - Brand Sprint Session 3 & 4

During sessions 3 & 4 is typically where your branding team begins to see the light.


Instead of the nebulous, undefined nature of a brand they are used to, we begin to see them understand the form and function of the brand for business success.


This is also where we develop their brand compass, the company's true north, comprised of their Mission, Vision, Values, and Purpose.


But, we take a different approach to what you may be used to. 


There's no Golden Circle exercise here. We don't just ask, "what's your brand purpose" and hope they know.


Our process reverse engineers the brand compass from existing experiences, ensuring it's based in reality and not some fanciful wish from the boss or, worse, copied from a competitor.


Time and again, our clients are blown away by just how "real" the brand compass is, and how well it fits their future direction.

Module #4 - Brand Sprint Session 5 & 6

Now, we're getting into the depth of brand identity. Far beyond how the brand looks, identity is about who the brand is.


We're taking another step to really hack the mind of your client's audience to create real, lasting connections.


These are the intangibles about brands that people really connect with. 


We'll look at opportunities in the marketplace where competitors are dropping the ball and we'll develop the brand's unique positioning.


Then we'll get into the weeds on the transformation our client's customers are searching for, and how the brand can use that knowledge to improve deliverables, launch new products and better serve the market.


And, we'll finish with a relaunch prioritization exercise that will position you as the go-to creative partner of choice for all your client's brand and creative requirements moving forward.


You'll be right there, as you define the required next steps, to throw your hat in the ring for any and all of the creative work you want to take on.

Module #5 - The Brand Report & Post-Sprint Deliverables

Until now, all you've done is make decisions and gather information.


Now, it's time to bring it all together into the final Brand Report. This is the most valuable document your client's brand will ever need.


We'll give you the editable InDesign template, along with complete instructions on how to populate it with the unique information you discovered during the Brand Sprint.


This will ensure that, even though you've developed the report using a template, every brand report you develop will be unique and valuable exclusively to the client you developed it for.


We're giving you exchangeable text and copy blocks to use in your intro and outro sections, and including descriptions and strategic recommendations for all ten different Archetypes.


We're even including a second version of the editable Brand Report template including an editable, complete visual identity Style Guide in case you also want to take on your client's visual identity work at the same time as you develop their brand strategy.

Module #6 - Pitching, Selling, & Closing Brand Sprints

We're including our turnkey system for making sure every prospective client is a perfect fit, so you can stop wasting time on clients who want to negotiate prices, pay for commoditized hourly work, and nit-pick.


We'll show you how to get your prospects to self-select and apply to work with you, and then give you the entire script so you can answer the questions:

  • What is a Brand Sprint?
  • What is the benefit to them?
  • What's the duration and who’s required to be there?
  • Where do you do it?
  • What's the investment?
  • When can they do it?
  • What do they get at the end?
  • What happens next?

Once you've answered these questions, your prospect has everything they need to make a decision.


And, since you've done all the work on qualifying your incoming leads, we'll show you how to get them to respond on the call.


All that's left to do, is ask for the deposit, and schedule the Sprint. 

I have some amazing bonuses for you as well!​

Yes, that's a lot of battle-tested tools, instructions, strategies and processes.


And it’s stuff that nobody else can share with you because nobody else is doing it. 


But it get's better: Here are four more great reasons why today is the best time for you to grab your spot in The Brand Sprint Blueprint.

  • Digital Whiteboard Collaboration Software

    I’ll help get you set up with free account with our preferred digital whiteboard software including 10 team member seats and 25 guest seats. 


    At the beginning of The Brand Sprint Blueprint, you'll import all three days of the Blueprint templates, canvases and whiteboards so, you're ready to go immediately.


    You can simply make copies of the templates before each Sprint, edit the canvas headers with placement for your branding & your clients' branding, and follow along during the training.


    You can even take the opportunity to work on your own brand during the coaching so you can see it play out in real time.

  • Online Community

    I'm a big proponent of coaching. In fact, I've consistently had at least one coach or mentor in my corner since late 2014. And often more than one.




    Because nobody does their best work in a vacuum. To thrive, you need access to other sprint masters, and brand strategy consultants like you.


    That’s why when you join us inside The Brand Sprint Blueprint, you’ll get the opportunity to become a member of our Brand Sprint Academy Facebook community.


    This is where you’ll get access to me for advice and feedback, connect with the other students, find an accountability partner, form business alliances, and share your wins.

  • Lifetime Access

    Running Brand Sprints is something that becomes easier the more you do it. Because the process is the same, but your insights will grow. Every time.


    That said, even after you've run Brand Sprints a few times, we know you'll want to return to the training and look for any nuggets or tricks you missed the first time.


    That’s why, when you join The Brand Sprint Blueprint, you’ll receive lifetime access to the course, including any future updates, so you can keep referring back to them again and again.

What To Expect

Say goodbye to arbitrary hourly rates based on how much competitors charge.


Say goodbye to operating from limited information and being left to fill in the blanks aesthetically and conceptually as best you can.


Instead, start collecting testimonials like these:

After speaking with half-a-dozen agencies, we began to see the same reoccurring theme of companies who still believe in traditional brand thinking. This is the notion that visual identity will lead to bigger and better things. We disagree wholeheartedly. Brand is the sum of all experiences and interactions with AudioConexus. This requires strategic thinking, not Adobe Illustrator.


We needed fresh thinking and a company that had the right mix of knowledge, expertise, creativity, and vision to help us with our strategic branding initiative.


We chose Whiterock Reid and we’re so glad we did! Whiterock Reid has succeeded brilliantly by getting to the heart of how we expand brand relevance and brand resonance by starting from within. Their pivotal insights are game-changing for us. If you’re growth-minded, hire Whiterock Reid. Commit yourself to their process and do the work. They just don’t roll out a process and deliver a report, they add immeasurable value every step of the way.


Whiterock Reid made a big impact on our business that will pay dividends for years to come.

Jonathan Stanley

CEO - AudioConexus

When I made the leap from wage slavery to entrepreneurship, I had no idea where to start. I had nothing but my knowledge of chocolate, a couple of tempering machines and a vision. Apparently that is all I needed as I walked through the door at Whiterock Reid. When you tell someone that you are a chocolatier, a smile instantly springs to their face. Meeting 1: there I sat with my vision and the idea of chocolate (not even a box of samples!) and they instantly lit up like New Years fireworks. They understood my vision and picked up on my passion, and voila – I was on the way to becoming a brand.


I identify myself with what I create. When Whiterock Reid presented me with their pitch, I saw myself. What seemed like a fanciful idea in my mind turned into a brand that people could identify with, could be drawn to, and one that would someday bring my dream to fruition.


I must thank Whiterock Reid for their guidance and expertise. They have been the voice of optimism when I have expressed doubts, and above all, they believe in me. They show it in everything they do. They are not only highly skilled professionals, but they are wonderful people who obviously love what they do.

Audrey Brown

Chocolatier - CocoaBistro

Our entire sales pitch changed after our very first meeting with Whiterock Reid. We discussed our core beliefs, brand personality and how we want others to perceive us, focusing on specific messages and phrases.


By using this vocabulary in our sales conversations, we’ve closed more deals and set the tone for a better working relationship with our customers.


Words matter and Whiterock Reid helped us identify the right message for our brand.

Brad Morrison

Founder - GoWP

Whiterock Reid has worked with me on branding my company and defining my message. I had completed a lot of different jobs for a wide variety of clients but I didn’t know who to target or what I was looking for. My marketing was more of who would next knock on the door?


Working with Whiterock Reid has been awesome, we have worked through simple, effective exercises that have helped me define my niche, what I want to say and how to get my message across. Knowing these things and speaking the right language elevates my brand and saves me a lot of money. Highly Recommended!

Kris D'Arney

Founder - Cartwheels Digital

Gordon’s Estate Services wasn’t looking for a total redesign, but we needed some help and new ideas to refresh our 50-year-old brand and Whiterock Reid delivered! They’ve given us the tools to move forward with confidence and clarity. Whiterock Reid brought us back to our brand basics and helped bring our image and message back into focus. Thank you!

Nicky Breeze

Sales Representative - Gordon's Estate Services

These are all testimonials we've received in our Professional Services firm, where we deliver brand sprints exclusively. 


Wouldn't you prefer these type of relationships instead of clients who haggle on every little thing, who give you no input but, then say the creative "isn't what we were hoping for," or who shop-hop, coming to you for one project and then taking the next job to the next shop across town, always vying for lower prices? 

Two Guarantees

Before You Even Start Your Training​

You wouldn’t let your so-called “Comfort Zone” rob you of the life you deserve, would you?


Click below now if you're ready to get enrolled in the Blueprint. You could be making five-times the industry average fees before you even start the creative.


Maybe you've still got some reservations. If that’s the case, let me give you two more guarantees to help you get unstuck…

  • No Branding Experience Needed, Guaranteed: You don’t need to be an experienced brand strategist because our training will lead you every step of the way. We're giving you the templates, the instructions, the software, the scripts, and the presentations. We're even giving you detailed presenter's notes on every slide to help you answer questions, know when to start and stop the timer, get your team unstuck and even explain the psychology and reasons behind exercises and their expected results. If you can read English, you can run this process.

    Click below to get started with The Brand Sprint Blueprint Online Coaching Program, even with no previous branding experience.

  • No Facilitating Experience Needed, Guaranteed:  If you're like most creatives, you don't like getting up in front of the room. I've got good news for you. I'm about the most introverted individual you could meet, I get social anxiety so badly that I'm usually the guy standing in the corner at networking events. Doesn’t matter. Our training will show you how to take control of the branding team from a place of authority because we give you step by step, minute by minute instructions for each and every part of the sprint. We even give you answers and scripts to cover the typical questions and sticking points your group will experience. You'll be in complete control of the sprint from start to finish.

    Click below to get started with step-by-step instructions for running brand sprints. 

I’ll Also Make These Five Additional Guarantees

  1. ​​​​​​​You will be trained in, and practice the use of a proven, step by step, minute by minute process for each and every part of the sprint, so you can create and run a time-boxed sprint with a specific start and end time.
  2. We'll demonstrate (and give you) proven systems and techniques.
  3. We'll introduce you to (and give you access to) the right tech-stack to support and accelerate the process, not control it.
  4. Your new process will be designed to uncover your client's real brand and actually help them succeed, creating real value in your relationship.
  5. You'll also get answers and scripts covering all the usual questions and sticking points your group will experience along with the templates, software, and presentations required to actually run it.

And Then There’s The Curiously Simple, Completely Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee​​​​​​​!

You must be absolutely convinced that The Brand Sprint Blueprint will add tens of thousands of dollars – more likely, hundreds of thousands – to your income, or just let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund your entire purchase price.


Considering all you get, this price is chicken feed. Swarms of kids pay more than that every week towards a degree in philosophy! Just one Brand Sprint can return you more than ten times your investment.


You do the math.

Bruce White

Founder - The Brand Sprint Academy

How Much Is It, Already?​

When we officially launch in The Brand Sprint Blueprint in the Summer of 2021, the price will be $1497.


​​​​​​​But you can get the entire process right now for substantially lower than that.


But, either way, it should cost you nothing. Let me explain…

FIRST, you get the skills necessary to MULTIPLY your creative agency profits at will.  


Need an infusion of $25k? Run a brand sprint!


Need $50k? Run two, or take on the creative from the first one. The choice is yours.


SECOND, you receive a very particular set of skills that will stay with you for life. The ROI over your lifetime is incalculable.


FINALLY, you have 30 days to decide for yourself. If the Blueprint doesn’t work for you, you get your money back.


For those reasons, The Brand Sprint Blueprint costs you nothing.


Unless you don’t buy it.


The cost of that is immeasurable.

Become A Brand Sprint Master

Sign Up Now and secure the lower price before program officially launches in Summer 2021.


You will get instant access to the entire program.

  • How to declare your specialty and define your own, unique niche.
  • What to do before the Sprint - research and preparation for your client.
  • The entire scripted Sprint process (including timers, slide decks, scripts, instructions and detailed "how-to's" for every exercise).
  • The post-Sprint report and rollout plan (including templates).
  • How to claim all the ongoing creative work you want from the client before closing out the Sprint (without pitching, without proposals, and without competing on price).
  • How to sell the Sprint.
  • How to generate the right leads for your Brand Strategy services.

If you’ve ever questioned why you're attracting the kind of clients who don’t value your time, knowledge, or expertise, chances are you have some brand work to do.

Take this opportunity to walk through the process to step back from your business and decide who your best prospect is to run Brand Sprints for.


One-Time Payment of $797

Lifetime access to the course and the private community

  • 80+ Brand Sprint Videos

    Over 27hrs of content delivered in streaming HD video.

  • Private Community

    Lifetime access to the private community of fellow Brand Sprint Blueprint members. 

  • Access Anywhere

    All lessons are desktop, mobile and tablet-friendly. Stream HD quality videos instantly.

  • Digital Whiteboard Software Access

    Learn how to gain access to a 10 team member seat and 25 guest seat subscription to our preferred Digital Whiteboard Collaboration Software, free.


One Time Payment - Lifetime Access


3 Easy Monthly Payments of $297

Lifetime access to the course and the private community

  • 80+ Brand Sprint Videos

    Over 27hrs of content delivered in streaming HD video.

  • Private Community

    Lifetime access to the private community of fellow Brand Sprint Blueprint members. 

  • Access Anywhere

    All lessons are desktop, mobile and tablet-friendly. Stream HD quality videos instantly.

  • Digital Whiteboard Software Access

    Learn how to gain access to a 10 team member seat and 25 guest seat subscription to our preferred Digital Whiteboard Collaboration Software, free.


Monthly for 3 Months - Lifetime Access

Or choose the bundle that’s right for you & save.


Brand + Messaging Bundle

Our newest bundle, drive your clients directly from your purpose-driven Brand Sprint to a high-impact Messaging Sprint.


lifetime access and all future updates.

  • The Brand Sprint Blueprint

  • The Messaging Sprint Kit

  • Private Community

  • Digital Whiteboard Software Access

Payment plan also available. Choose the 3-payment option inside the cart.


Sprint Masters Toolkit

Become the most versatile Brand Strategist available, offering all five Sprints right across your clients' business lifecycle


lifetime access and all future updates.

  • The Brand Sprint Blueprint

  • The Messaging Sprint Kit

  • The Niche Sprint Kit

  • The Product Sprint Blueprint

  • The Naming Sprint Blueprint

  • Private Community

  • Digital Whiteboard Software Access

Payment plan also available. Choose the 6-payment option inside the cart.


Brand + Niche Bundle

On top of your purpose-driven Brand Strategy services, specialize in helping your clients find their ideal market and an ownable specialty of their own.


lifetime access and all future updates.

  • The Brand Sprint Blueprint

  • The Niche Sprint Kit

  • Private Community

  • Digital Whiteboard Software Access

Payment plan also available. Choose the 3-payment option inside the cart.

Just $4 per day to to stop being a generalist, grow your profits and eliminate the risk of failure FOREVER!

When you really think about it, compared to hourly fees and constantly chasing the next project, $1497 is really just a painless drop in the bucket.


And that's at full retail price, not even counting the early adopter special!


Consider this: Over the course of just one year, by which time you will have already completely transformed your agency, getting more customers that stick and doing more meaningful work, your investment in this system will only be $2.18 per day… you can't even buy a Starbucks coffee for that!

This Is The Right Place At The Right Time. Are You Ready?

In the Fall of 2015, I was in the second group to go through a very popular business training course for consultants.


What did I get for being in the second group? Nothing.


Well, nothing extra. I got the same training the first group got but, I was just another member, subject to the same ongoing fees as if I were to join today.


But what did the group before me get? The early adopters? The group that was in the right place at the right time?


A heavily discounted price of entry, personal input throughout the course with the expert, and free lifetime membership to the (now paid) community!


Most of these people are still active in the group's community and they have a go-to business support mechanism whenever they need it, for the rest of their careers. 


And, they're not paying the monthly fees the rest of us have to in order to enjoy those privileges.


Why? Because they were in the right place at the right time.


Are You Ready To Be In The Right Place At The Right Time?


Then you'll want to join us now.

One Last Thought

One year from today, you will still be here on the planet (I hope). The question is, will anything in your life be significantly different?


The answer: only if you do something significantly different.


Maybe this is that new thing you need to do.


I look forward to getting to know you, inside The Brand Sprint Blueprint.


To Your Success,

Bruce White - Founder
The Brand Sprint Academy

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Ready to leave the land of negotiating costs, being paid hourly, and client nit-picking behind?

We’re ready and waiting to welcome you into The Brand Sprint Blueprint. All you have to do is say “yes!”