Detailed Brand Sprint Training for Overthinking Aspiring Strategists.

Begin your strategic journey with a proven process that let's you step into a higher-value consulting role solving more valuable problems for clients.

Bruce White


Being an overthinker has its benefits.​

You're perfectly positioned for a career focused on analyzing, leading, researching, reading, formulating, and getting lost down the rabbit hole.


But that ability is also exactly what's stopped you from doing it.


You need a plan. You need to know the destination, the route, the alternate routes, and the expected results before you commit.


In short, you need to know the whole process, possible objections, and desired outcomes so you can unleash the amazing results you're capable of without getting in your own way.


Welcome, fellow strategist, you're in the right place.

"Fake it 'til you make it" just results in being Fake.

Some people try to convince their prospects that they're a strategist just to get the signature.


Your analytical nature means that won't work for you. You need to understand how you're going to provide real value before you can confidently promote that value. 


And, that's a good thing. You're not a fake.


By deploying a step-by-step process, you can take all the "what if's" out of running the workshop and just focus on letting your strategic thinking develop real value.


In short, by letting the process guide the engagement, you free your mind to do the strategic work.

Take the pressure off. See an example of how to run your Sprint from the slide deck.

How Does It Work?

The Brand Sprint allows aspiring brand strategists to solve more valuable problems through simple-to-facilitate but highly valuable & detailed strategic exercises that put the decisions where they belong: in the hands of the client.

It’s all about the client. They have problems that need solutions. And those problems will change depending on where they are in their business lifecycle.


But, trying to provide every solution to every problem will put you straight back into the commodity generalist basket.

So, we need to facilitate structured, repeatable, productized processes that can provide targeted, specific solutions to the client’s real problem at that moment.

Enter, facilitated Sprints.


The way we do business has changed. Your clients don’t have time for the old branding model of spending months researching and answering every problem before (re)launching. 


They need a solution partner who thinks Lean and can guide them to uncover the right solution rapidly at the time they need it.


Sprints, by definition, are targeted, rapid engagements to provide the clarity, answers, & foundation required to move forward. 





The Brand Sprint is a unique, digital-native, remote process empowering aspiring strategists to facilitate high-value, collaborative brand-building workshops online.


If you've avoided strategic work because you don't have the process, time, or budget to run client workshops in-person...


If you’re still not making the money you want in your business… 


If your agency isn’t providing you with the freedom and revenue you dreamed of…  


If you're tired of negotiating costs, being paid hourly, and client nit-picking...


If your services aren't bringing you profit


Even if you’re doing well, but know there’s more…


The Brand Sprint Blueprint course & community is here to help you step up to a higher-value business model.


This is not just a course, and not just a coaching program – it’s a ​​​​​​​step-by-step system for delivering high-value Brand Sprints — the process, the software, the systems, the assets, the scripts, the slides, the complete program!​