Detailed Brand Sprint Training for Aspiring Creative Strategists.

The concrete steps, processes, and detailed workflows for creatives who wish to become highly-valuable brand strategists and step into a consulting role solving more valuable problems for your clients.

Bruce White


Being an overthinker has its benefits.​

You're perfectly positioned for a career focused on analyzing, leading, researching, reading, formulating, and getting lost down the rabbit hole.


But that ability is also exactly what's stopped you from doing it.


You need a plan. You need to know the destination, the route, the alternate routes, and the expected results before you commit.


In short, you need to know the whole process, possible objections, and desired outcomes so you can unleash the amazing results you're capable of without getting in your own way.


Welcome, fellow strategist, you're in the right place.

"Fake it 'til you make it" just results in being Fake.

Some people try to convince their prospects that they're a strategist just to get the signature.


Your analytical nature means that won't work for you. You need to understand how you're going to provide real value before you can confidently promote that value. 


And, that's a good thing. You're not a fake.


By deploying a step-by-step process, you can take all the "what if's" out of running the workshop and just focus on letting your strategic thinking develop real value.


In short, by letting the process guide the engagement, you free your mind to do the strategic work.

Take the pressure off. See an example of how to run your Sprint from the slide deck.

How Does It Work?

The Brand Sprint allows aspiring brand strategists to solve more valuable problems through simple-to-facilitate but highly valuable & detailed strategic exercises that put the decisions where they belong: in the hands of the client.

It’s all about the client. They have problems that need solutions. And those problems will change depending on where they are in their business lifecycle.


But, trying to provide every solution to every problem will put you straight back into the commodity generalist basket.

So, we need to facilitate structured, repeatable, productized processes that can provide targeted, specific solutions to the client’s real problem at that moment.

Enter, facilitated Sprints.


The way we do business has changed. Your clients don’t have time for the old branding model of spending months researching and answering every problem before (re)launching. 


They need a solution partner who thinks Lean and can guide them to uncover the right solution rapidly at the time they need it.


Sprints, by definition, are targeted, rapid engagements to provide the clarity, answers, & foundation required to move forward. 





The Brand Sprint is a unique, digital-native, remote process empowering aspiring strategists to facilitate high-value, collaborative brand-building workshops online.


If you've avoided strategic work because you don't have the process, time, or budget to run client workshops in-person...


If you’re still not making the money you want in your business… 


If your agency isn’t providing you with the freedom and revenue you dreamed of…  


If you're tired of negotiating costs, being paid hourly, and client nit-picking...


If your services aren't bringing you profit


Even if you’re doing well, but know there’s more…


The Brand Sprint Blueprint course & community is here to help you step up to a higher-value business model.


This is not just a course, and not just a coaching program – it’s a ​​​​​​​step-by-step system for delivering high-value Brand Sprints — the process, the software, the systems, the assets, the scripts, the slides, the complete program!​


Niching is difficult. For you and for your clients.


What if you could develop your own unique & valuable niche PLUS add a new profit center to your business helping your clients develop their niches in an online Sprint workshop format?


Taking every job that comes along will only leave you stretched thin and running from one fire to the next.


And when you need to scale, you can’t. Because you're working every waking minute and you’re all out of hours. 


So you’re stuck. Client to client, project to project. You’re not self-employed, you've just got yourself a hundred bosses instead of having only one.


It's no wonder that "niching" is the most searched for solution for creative service providers.


Once you hone your experience on serving just one niche, you become more valuable as a business and increase trust from customers.


And, once you lead your clients to achieve the same results, your value as their creative partner is solidified for good.


Trying to come up with the right words when you don't know the recipient is an exercise in futility.


You wouldn't speak to a teenager the same way you'd speak to a grandparent.


But, your client's are wasting conversions every day trying to cast a wide net while expecting what’s inside their heads to be reflective of their prospects’ reality. 


Which rarely works.


Because, quite simply, they're not their prospect. They have a completely different perspective toward the use of the brand, product, or service AND the associated transactions. 


The Ultimate Messaging Kit solves two distinct problems.


First, you will uncover your own audience's true needs, wants, and desires through a series of data-driven research techniques and develop high-impact messaging for your own brand.


Then, you'll deploy the same exercises in a Sprint format for your clients to help them move to a more efficient, targeted messaging system that converts.


Instead of writing what we think our audience wants to hear, we're going to go and find out. In their own words. Without surveys, without interviews, in fact, without interrupting them at all.


Because your clients' audiences don't care what they do. They care what it can do for them.

The Ultimate Messaging Kit is closed to new members.

Coming Spring 2021.

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The Product Validation Sprint is closed to new members.

Coming Summer 2021

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One of the biggest risks of launching a new product is launching the wrong thing. You can pour months (even years) into preparing it, only to realize it just won't be a success.


Launching a new product or expanding into a new market takes more than a new brochure and a prayer. But you can't read the label from inside the bottle.


That's why...


Your clients need your perspective to help them uncover what their audience really values.


The Product Validation Sprint is a streamlined process that you will run with your client's team to identify and prioritize the most valuable opportunities for your client's growth and expansion requirements.


After you've performed some initial research on your client's behalf, the Sprint can be completed in just one day and you'll produce a list of product opportunities sorted by value — for your client, and for their audience.


Uncover the insights that matter.


Your clients have a countless number of directions available to them at any given time. Which can make uncovering insight's difficult. By helping them translate the data, you can show them how to drive future business decisions from a value-based mindset.


Turn the data into direction.


Your research is only as good as the decisions you make from it. Your clients' success means uncovering product opportunities quickly. 


As the product strategists, you will provide guidance aligned with your Lean tactics and proven process to help your client make the decisions required for their next steps to be a success.


A brand or product's name deserves better than a feeling.


Before you can start brainstorming, it’s important to consider the fundamentals of your strategic brand naming process.


Developing a name needs to be founded on strategy. But, done right, the right name can be one of the more persuasive elements for providing a unique experience for your clients' customers. 


Without the brand, the name is meaningless.


Let's be clear, without defined core values and beliefs, you'll never uncover the right word or phrase that triggers the emotions your client wants their customers to feel from the experience. That's why...


You'll follow a collaborative process that eliminates guesswork by examining the audience's needs, wants, and desires, the competitive landscape, and the foundation of the brand before crafting a name from the ground up.


As with all our courses and kits, everything is included in a  ​​​​​​​step-by-step system for delivering high-value Naming Sprints — the process, the software, the systems, the assets, the scripts, the slides, the complete program!​

The Naming Sprint is closed to new members.

Coming Summer 2021

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Optimize your time, ensure all of your activities impact revenue, & eliminate surprises with the Velvet Rope.


Working with a client who doesn’t meet your ideal criteria wastes time & money for you and for them.


The most devastating event that will repeatedly drain your business and your stamina, is low value, time wasting customers pulling you in all directions.


Your time is better spent on your business, not giving free advice.


If you want more security and consistency in your workload, you need leverage your time so you can grow your business and have a simple, effective process for identifying & closing the right clients.


If you're burning out, being dragged in all directions & taking every job you can find just to stay afloat, this is for you.


We know working with the wrong clients is soul-destroying, and can make you feel trapped in your own business. It’s easy to feel burned out. But, there's a better way.


THE VELVET ROPE is a strategic guide to help you eliminate the tire-kickers and time-waters, and close the right business to elevate your creative practice.


The Sprint Master's Toolkit 

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